Demand Side Response (DSR) and flexibility will play a key role in enabling the smart, flexible energy system of the future. National Grid ESO has committed to receiving 30-50% of competitive tenders from demand side flexibility by 2020. The Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) recognises that harnessing the potential of DSR and storage will help ensure the UK has access to secure, affordable and clean energy, now and in the future.

For this potential to be realised, it is essential that customers have confidence in providers of DSR services. Customers must receive high-quality, transparent service, with robust data protection and a clear, responsive complaints procedure.

Joining Flex Assure provides proof that a DSR provider is committed to abiding by industry-leading standards. The Flex Assure registration mark can only be used by registered DSR providers, providing a clear sign that the provider meets sector-wide standards, which they are independently audited on a regular basis.