The Flex Assure scheme is open to all flexibility services providers offering energy flexibility services to business customers, (including access to the Capacity Market and Balancing Services).

Flexibility services providers must meet the standards outlined in the Flex Assure Code of Conduct to be accepted as a scheme member and will be audited periodically to ensure ongoing compliance. Find out more here.

The Code sets minimum standards in five areas:

1. Sales and marketing

Sales representatives must be properly trained and provide honest and factual marketing material to customers. Records must be kept by scheme members of staff training and sales activity.

2. Technical due diligence and site visits

Critical energy assets must be safeguarded from the threat of cybercrime, requiring best practice to protect customer’s data and infrastructure. To protect on-site personnel, site visits must be conducted in a respectful, safe and secure manner.

3. Proposals and pre-contractual information

The pre-contracting process must be transparent, not make false promises to customers and be representative of true savings and payback to customers.

4. Customer contracts

Contracts must be accurate and clearly indicate any potential obligations customers may be committing to.

5. Complaints

There must be clear, transparent processes for recording, processing and responding to complaints.