Flex Assure is a Code of Conduct scheme which uses the Demand Side Response (DSR) Code of Conduct, which was developed by industry to set standards of practice for DSR aggregators providing business to business services.

With many energy users new to DSR, it is important they feel confident about the service they will receive from these aggregators. Trust in how aggregators communicate with and deliver solutions to customers is essential.

To achieve this trust, customers need to have a common set of standards by which to compare aggregators and their claims. With a growing marketplace and increasing numbers of new entrants, it is equally important that customers can quickly understand which DSR aggregators meet those standards.

The DSR Code of Conduct was developed by the ADE with support from government and key stakeholders to set these common standards for DSR aggregators. Flex Assure is a voluntary scheme which uses the requirements of the DSR Code of Conduct to confirm that the scheme members meet and the required performance. This helps to give customers assurance that they will receive good quality service from registered scheme members.